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Can you afford buying a house?

You have a serious job now – challenging and time-consuming, but well-paid as well. Your family is growing – the two little ones are not so little anymore and they need more space just like they need more attention. You are finally having a life of a grown-up. There are more responsibilities, more things to think of and to take into consideration. You are not so careless and wild and the uncertainty that was so attractive once, is a little bit scary now. You want no risks and no constant travels, you are seeking the calmness of a place you can call your home – now and for good – a place you will come back to, you will design with passion and desire, your kids will love indescribably and your soul will be at ease. Sitting on the couch and having a glass of wine (or a few) with your spouse you are again discussing the house buying question: when? Now? Are you ready? Where you want to live? Are you sure? Questions that need their answers first. But mostly the one that bothers you and keeps you awake all night: can you afford buying a house? And if there is a single thing you don’t like risking at all, this is the money on your bank account, your savings. So spending all of them, mortgaging and so on, is a little bit tricky. But how could you understand, how could you find out, could you afford it? 

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The eternal house hunting chaos and is it possible to cope with it?

House hunting sounds a lot of fun, yeah, you will be visiting different homes, neighborhoods, people, imagining your life there, going ahead and back, you will be on a top of a building, on a balcony in another region, you will be going through different stairs, lifts, places and there are so many things to be explored. This is the adventurous part of the house hunting and it is to some extent so real, but in the everydayness we all have with the pressure of our lifestyles and all the stress we suffer from, the enthusiasm soon dies and so does the free spirit.

And the question that so logically bothers you is can the chaos dwindle and can you make this whole process a lot more pleasant and strict? The answer is “yes” and here are the two simple solutions.  

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Food, wine and la dolce vita

Trevi_Fountain_Rome_(capital_edit)Italy is simply a country. It is famous with its ancient history and many touristic sights, because, well, all roads lead to Rome. If you ask me about Italy, however, I won’t think of this aspect of it at all. And no, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the Colosseo or the Fontana di Trevi, or the Leaning Tower of Piza, I adore them all. But Italy brings you so much more than photos with famous sights and tours on double-decker buses. Italy is not meant to be seen with a map in one hand and a camera in the other,

Italy should be simply felt, because only there you can enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life).  

Italy is calmness, tranquility. Come here and you will look at the world in a new different way, you will look at your life differently. In this world of fast food and fast love, there is place that will teach you to enjoy the slowness, to look for the silence and to keep life simple. The take away coffee you drink in the car cannot be compared with the espresso in a café not that early in the morning with a beloved one to share. Your lunch from a fast food restaurant is nothing compared with the experience in the pizzeria where you try different tastes and you enjoy every bite and the home-made meals you eat are the best ones in the entire world. The wine from a box cannot be compared with the Tuscanian one made of grapes which gathered the sunbeams and grew in the wonderful Tuscanian climate and then turned out to make a wonderful reach and dense drink. The life in Italy cannot be compared to those you had before, but may be the one you will have in the future.


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Nail-polish on your carpet. Could it get worse?

You are having that magical girly afternoon at home and you are indulging yourself and everything is nice and you feel perfectly, you are polishing your nails and listening to music and a friend of yours has come and you are talking and chilling and then you turn around and somehow the red nail polish is all over your carpet and you are wondering what should you do now, for God sake? This is a total disaster and you believe that your carpet could never ever look nice again and this red stain will ruin your end of tenancy cleaning and thus you will fail the inspection as well. Yeah, all these thoughts go through your mind in only a couple of seconds and you are so shocked that you could not even move from where you are now.

First rule: don’t panic. Second rule: don’t lose time. Third rule: clean properly and carefully. The good news is that this whole stain can vanish if you know how to take care of it well. So follow these steps. 

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You are buying a new home? Better look at these

It is finally about time – you will leave that rented small home you lived for since you graduated from the university and you are looking for a place – bigger, better, more convenient and more you. And now you are in two minds, because you are not sure where it should be and how should it look like and so on and on. Indeed there are some things that are determining and you should not be too enthusiastic or too emotional.

Choosing a new home to buy, because of it sentimental value only, it is really not the best idea, you should consider everything well and find best decision that will suit your needs and your desires.

And while you are making research and you are meeting different real estate agents, visiting diverse houses and getting advice from your friends and family members, you should definitely take a look at these. 

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End of tenancy cleaning: the details

sprayYou are about to move out soon and you are now sitting with an end of tenancy cleaning checklist in one hand, and the inventory one in the other. You are terrified and panicked by the too many things you have to think about these days and the possible fail of the inspection of the landlord or the letting agency. You start cleaning carefully and uncertainly, checking the requirements on the list at least 100 times and praying that everything is going to be OK in the end. Hopefully. But the most awful scenario is you forgetting some little stupid things, so better take a look at these details:

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Home maintenance: organize your bathroom once and for all

bathroomAre you one of those people that keeps everything in the bathroom: shampoos, shower gels and other products, toothbrushes and -paste and towels and make-up stuff, and some electric appliances like curling-irons and hair-drier, and all the hair products, of course, some candles and beautiful objects that completed the design once but now could hardly be seen. Hell, it’s time to organize this place called bathroom once and for all.

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What is the cost of end of tenancy cleaning?

4391089050_abf0df3da1_oAt the end of your rental, you will most likely be obliged to perform end of tenancy cleaning in order to get the apartment ready for the new tenants. Although there are still some places where you may not be required to do the cleaning, the majority of landlords have included this clause in their tenancy contracts. End of tenancy cleaning is not optional and if not done properly can cost a tenant their security deposit.

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Top reasons why you should choose a professional end of tenancy cleaning agency in London

cleaning table Living in a rented property comes with many conditions, one of them being the end of tenancy cleaning. If it happens that you overlook this obligation then you are risking the partial or full loss of your deposit. Landlords are particularly strict when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning in London. They allow tenants to do their own cleaning however they much prefer to have a professional company do it in order to achieve the best results. Landlords have to rent their properties out perfectly clean, bacteria and germ free so the new tenants enter a nice, fresh and clean home.

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Recommendation for buying a house in London

12956997285_82af045e94_oJust before you also pick up a paper and begin checking out ads of houses for sale, I would certainly suggest that you develop a suggested regular monthly spending plan, and choose specifically how much you can pay for to buy your home monthly.

For the majority of people, it’s the monthly payment that matters, not the real prices.

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